I try to convey meaning in form and color and convey the truth as I see it. Sometimes I just paint what I perceive. I am an architecture school drop-out (lol), but that is not my entire identity. I also love literature, non-fiction, psychology, philosophy, sci-fi, movies, art, technology, keeping up with current events, people, animals, creative ways to improve the environment, humor, and lately, an organization called L’Abri. They say that the difference between design and art is that design is solving a problem outside of yourself whereas art is solving a problem inside of yourself. 

In design, or solving a problem outside of oneself, I bring together the various disciplines to meet client needs and specifications, to produce innovation. Especially these days, opportunities for innovation abound. We live in an era where even people have to have a “brand” to relate to the public (which is hopefully not the full extent of who they truly are) but nevertheless, corporations and brands deliver a philosophical background (or authenticity) behind the product, goods, services, or needs that are being delivered. In this advanced stage of capitalism, goods that are sold, like art, have languages of their own and convey meaning beyond just what they do for the customer. With the future advent of super AI, where many jobs including those of drivers, tellers, stock brokers, traders, and eventually doctors, lawyers, and accountants, are easily replaced by computers or robots, the very nature of work and how people live are changing. That is also something I discuss with my clients.

When solving a problem inside of myself, I went through several phases. I first liked drawings or paintings that expressed things, almost anything, that stood for some “truth”…Then I went through a phase where I attempted to express the truth of something in a visual language. It till astonishes me that an object made of colors and material can convey meaning such as words can. Art is a visual language. Art heals, entertains, reflects the times, a person’s state, and communicates. Lately, I see my work as almost a diary of myself and what I observe in the world around me. I hope you enjoy my work, and feel open to leaving me a message.



Karolyn Kyunghi Lee ✺ 이경희
2001 CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Associate
2001 Oil paintings shown at the Lab, San Francisco
1992-1994 Pursued MA, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
1990 BA, Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley